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Other important churches of the late Byzantine period are the Church of the Kato Panagia, built by Nikephoros I's father Michael II Komnenos Doukas, and the Monastery of Saint Theodora, housing the tomb of the city's patron, Theodora of Arta.Several other churches dating to the 9th and 10th centuries also survive in and around the city: Saint Basil of the Bridge, Saint Demetrios of Katsoures in Plisioi, the Panagia Blacherna monastery, the Panagia Vryoni in Neochoraki, the Red Church in Vourgareli, the Panagia of Koronisia in Koronisia and the Church of the Pantanassa in Filippiada.Several battles took place near the city during the Greek War of Independence.The city was finally annexed to the Greek Kingdom in 1881 by the Convention of Constantinople.Despite the Albanians' calling on Ottoman aid, in 1416 Tocco captured Arta after a long siege.

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The Venetians did not take control, however, for in 1205 Michael I Komnenos Doukas came to the city, succeeded its previous Byzantine governor, and quickly established a new principality, which is known by historians as the Despotate of Epirus. The city experienced considerable building activity, with the renovation of older churches and the construction of new ones, most notably the Church of the Parigoritissa and the Church of the Kato Panagia; The 15th-century Chronicle of the Tocco describes it as "the center of a fertile agricultural region with many water buffaloes, cows, and horses", and the city had trade links to Venice—a Venetian consul is attested in 12/19 After the Battle of Pelagonia in 1259, the city was occupied by the troops of the rival Greek successor state, the Empire of Nicaea, (which restored the Byzantine Empire in 1261) but was soon recovered for Epirus by John I Doukas.

Pyrrhus managed to achieve great but costly victories against the Romans, hence the phrase "Pyrrhic victory" which refers in particular to an exchange at the Battle of Asculum.

Nevertheless, Pyrrhus found the time and means to adorn his capital with a palace, temples and theatres.

The most important Byzantine church is the cathedral Church of the Paregoretissa, built ca.

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1290 by Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas and his wife Anna Palaiologina Kantakouzene.

Without appropriate knowledge and understanding of this page of history, no one could pretend grasping fully the current political, religious and ethnic challenges of our present time – in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in Turkey, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Israel, in Palestine, in Irak…

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