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Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. A long debate resulted in the appointment of three commissioners, with full power to lay out a district not exceeding three, nor less than two miles square, on the banks of either side of the Delaware, for a Federal 24 TBK YEARS IK WASHINGTON.Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. town, with power to buy soil and to enter into contracts for the building of a Federal House, President's house, house for Secretaries, etc. The Patent Oflico Building— Grace and Beauiy of Its Archlteotnro—Fnnr** Sublime** Portlcnes— A fretlv Large I'assage— Tlie Mf Klel Rnnm—'*Ttie Exhibition of the Nation'* —A Knom two llnndr Hl and seventy Feet In Length— Tbf Models— Recordlnir onr Name— Wonders and Treastires of the Room— Benjainln Franklin's Press— Mt Mlel Fli c-Kj*cai»es— Wonderful Rat-Ti-a|is, ami Gutta —The Atlantic Cable— Original Treaties— The t)|gnatures nary Turkish Treaty— Tn«sn res of the Orient— Rare Medals— The Reward of Mnjor Andre's Captors-llio Washington Relies— Hb Old Tent-Hls lllankets nnd Rud- Curtain— His Chairs and Lnoklng-Olass— His Prim Rl Te Mens Chess and old Tin Ph Ooa— The Old Clothes of the ** father of His Country "—Military Relics of Well- 2 treasures oi tuo noom— neignmin rran Kiiirs I'rcss— Mt Miei rfiil Fire- Kxtingniidiers— Tlie Ef Torts of Genius— Shoep-St Alls, Pereha— An Ancient Mariner's Compass— Capuin Cook's Kaxor •Original Treaties— The t*lenatures of Empt Tors— An Kxtraordl. known Men— Original Draft of tlie Dae Ura Oon of Imlependanoo— Wafthingtmi'a Con- ul Miou— Model of an Kxtraonlinary B(ia»— Abraham Unonln a« an Invoii Uir— Tlio Utt CWomon tbo Vm Ud NIflifc— The Gift of the Tyooon— rho klforta uf (loulua— A Huok for Fishing Worms out of tho Munuw Machiuo to KOrve Hciis to Lay Kgga— A Hi BUMnadi— Iho Lilirary of the Fatoui Olllco, CHAFr EB XLI. TREASURES AND CURIOSITIES OF THR PATENT OFFICE — ^THB MODEL ROOM — ITS RKLIC8 AND INVENTIONS.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. 23 privation, cold, hunger, bloodshed, revolution, patient victory at hist, all these were to be endured, outlived, before the beautiful Capital of his future was reached^ Did the youth foresee these, also ? D.— His Llule Machine— ** Original with Mo '*- Silencing the l«n Arrows— An Extraordliwry Story— A ** Pet " Curiosity— A Japanese Manikin- Tattooeil Heads- Representatives of Animated Nature— Adventure of Captain Jcdin Smith— A *• Stio- garee"— The Mkrascopical Division- Medical Records of the War— Pre|Arlug Speci- mens, • . '* OLD PROBABILITIES " AT HOME— THE WBATHKR BUREAU. M6yerrts with Canatla— The " Ob Msrv- Ing Hia Uiiiis "—Protecting the Ulver 0»nimerce— The Signal Corps— The Kx Aminatlone — Tlip Sergo Aiit H Dutlee— The SIgiml-Statltms— The Work of the Obeervers— Preparing Ballo Uiiii at Wimhlngio Q— Profemor Maary s Acc Mnnt— dafeguardii Agalnit Mie Ukea— Deducing Prolmbilii Tea—Deamtchlng Bulfetina— Preparing Metenrologlcai onstruc- tltm — ^Tlie Bureau or Provisions and Cktihing— Equipment of Vemwls— iiureau of Onlnauoeand Hydri«raphy — The Naval Observatory— The Bureau of Metliclne— In- teresting Statistfcs— Tho Navy Soventy Years Ago— Tiie •• Day of Small Things "— Instructions of the Great Napoleon— Keeping Pace with England— The Glories of Footo, Ferry. Seward— Scenes or Festivitv— Tlie Ma«lli«mmodore Welkes —Arlington Hotel— The House of Charles Sumner— Corcoran Castle— The Fiuest Pie- tnre Gallery In America— Powers' Greek SUve— ** Maggie Bock "— Kalorama- During ilie War-ll«k Creek— The Romantio Story of Mr. llhilr— Duddington House— Tlie Brotlier of Ixird Kllenlmroiigh— Forguttlng ills Own Name —Looking Up a WIfo-The **Tsu Buildings "-The Hetreaiof Louis I'hillipiie-Old Capitol Prison— The Tsmporary Oapltol— The Deeils of Ann Royal and Sally Braas- " Anl Pry "— Bhudcmal Ung- feared By all Mankind— An Unideasant Sort of Woman — Arrostod on Susptoloii-%A Small American Bastilo— Where Wirs was Hung, . He fore- saw it, he chose it, he served it, he loved it ; but as a Capital he never entered it. Gazing from the green promontory of Camp Hill, what Avas the sight of land and water upon which the youthful surveyor looked down ? Oompetent" Perfona— Dettmctlun of the Patent-Ofllioe by Kiro— Tlia Mew Building— The Corpa of Kxaminere— The Commla- aioner'fl H|ieech— Twetitv Thoueand Ajtiilicatiunii per OMnnm— Fiourfeen Ihou Miml Pat- •iita tiraiiled In One Year— Wun«l«rful Kxinuim Iuu of Inventive ilcnlm*— ** TIte Uni- Toraal Yaufcee "— ^iooond-hand In venii.ina— Where the Iiiventiomi Oonte Flmm— Taldng Out a Patent ftrd*a I'raver— A Patent for a Cow*» Tall— A l Aily*s Patent^ lltisiialing to Acoo|»ta Alllllon liul Urs— How Patentees are Proteoted-The Aniurk«n Sysiew—Wliat Aniorloiin luventon Have i Hine and What they Have n't-Tlio First 8u|ioriiiteiidont— The Present Commbailoner— Kxploits of General I^eggott— Ills KIU- elency in Of Uce— 11ie Inventor Alwavs a Dreamer- i'erpetoal Moiitm— llie invention of a D. Frlgbiful Interest— The Clob- Ilouse— Assassination of Mr. This youth, ordained of God to be the Father of the Republic, was the prophet of its Capital.Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. i.^'Old Probabilities"— An Interesting Subject—The Weather Bnreau— The Experience of I Fifty Centuries— Value of Sdentflo Knowledge— Meteorological Observations— Briga- CONTENTS. Porter and ifarragut— Scene from the Obwrvatory— Peeping tlirough the Tolosco|ie— Tlio Mountains in the Moon— The JArgest Telescope In the World— Making Mailiomatical Notes— A Pas^on for Btnr-gaxing— Casting Uornsoopcs-^Ga Rlng for Pasilrao— **For tho Bake of Science "—Tlie Chronomelors of the Government— Com- paring Noies— Tlie Teat of Time— Chronometers on Trial— The Wind and Onrrent Chart*— The Ooon€o— The Uesuhsof 'J'hlrly Government Kxiwdlilons— rho J^rgosi Oolloui Um In tliu Workl —Valuable Mineral H|NM:iuions— All tlie Vertebralo U Animals of North Aniorlra— i las« sl Uotl Cnrkmlitu H— The Sm Itlu Ninbin Cunlrlbutlonn— Omirnehonslve i'lmrftvior of tlie Instituth Hi— Its Atlvaniams ami Operatlon H— liusuils— The AKrlvulinral Jiurt«au~lts Plan and Object— « ollectlug Valuable Agrlrultural Facts— Ilolplu K tlio Purcliuser of a Parm— The is,xpen Mesur the Bureau— The Library— Nature-Printing—In the Museum —The Great Califonila Plank— Vegetable Specimens— International Ji Jtchauges. * It was fair to see, so fair that Humboldt declared after traveling around the earth, that for the site of a city the entire globe does not hold its equal. On his right, the hills of Virginia stretched outward toward the ocean.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. From the luxu- rious meadows which zoned these hills, the Potomac River — named by the Indians Cohongiiroton, River of Swans — from its source in the Alleghany Mountiiins, flowing from north-west to south-west, here expanded more than the width of a mile, and then in concentrated majesty rolled on to meet Chesapeake Bay, the river James, and the ocean.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Many toiling, strug- gling, suffering years bridged the dream of the young surveyor and the first faint dawn of its fulfillment After the Declaration of Independence, before the adop- tion of the Constitution of the United States, its govern- ment moved slowly and painfully about on wheels. Congress met at Phila- delphia, Baltimore, Lancaster, York, Princeton, Annapolis, Trenton, and New York.