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The director falls in love with her and tries to find a way to help her escape her fate.But plot really cannot do justice to a Bellocchio film.Much like his film 'My Mother's Smile' this film has an intriguing tone that is hard to grasp right away but engaging and well directed; it also stars the same actor - Sergio Castellitto.Hiding out [sort of] in a small town in Sicily a film director gets roped into 'directing' a wedding being held by a local Prince who is marrying off his daughter to someone she does not love.Franco Elica is a dissolute movie director who slides into despair after being asked - to his horror - to make a film.Hoping to avoid a looming sexual-harassment scandal, Franco flees to Sicily where he hides out and meets a host of colorful characters: a man who makes his living shooting wedding films, a film director who is faking his own death to finally achieve fame, and a cultured Prince.Mais dans des sphères encore largement dominées par les hommes, les obstacles d'ordre professionnel et intime se multiplient.

Some time later Elica is off to Italy, where he meets a number of local people, wome of which who recognize him, while others don't He is befriended of sorts by a local guy who shoots weddings for a living and when he asks/begs Elica to help him with an upcoming wedding, Elica agrees.If you consider yourself an 'art film' fan you should check it out.Let me state upfront that I am a huge fan of foreign and indie movies, and I sought out this movie recently from my local library."The Wedding Director" (2008 release from Italy; 97 min.) brings the story of Franco Elica (played by Sergio Castellitto), a well-known Italian movie director.Un jour, un réseau de femmes d'influence lui propose de l'aider à prendre la tête d'une entreprise du CAC 40.

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Elle serait la première femme à occuper une telle fonction.

Beneath the labyrinthine story levelslies an angry satire of an industry that reduces artistic directors to no more than metaphoric wedding film makers, and a society thatrewards death over excellence when considering a person's worth.

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