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As he watched her talking he could see she was surprised at the size of the crowd who had appeared on what was her first day at her new job, her job as head coach of the Orange Beach High School Swimming Team as well as director of the Orange Beach Swimming Club.

It had supposed to have been just an informal introductory meeting between the new boss and the staff and the swimmers.

And yours truly, battered wife or not, was determined to keep it there. " I called out to Donny who was looking back at me as he talked to a beautiful, dark haired teen by the pool gate. I watched him as he gave a quick kiss to the girl and then turned and walked over to me. First year...wants to study engineering," Donny answered, a certain disdain for the university choice of his sister clear in his voice. "I know," the boy agreed, "She's turning into a loser." But watching him and remembering the two children from my babysitting days I knew how much they loved each other.

"Yup...soon," he answered, his eyes flitting back and forth from mine to the girl by the gate. **** I actually laughed when I saw the two houses; delighted they looked exactly as I remembered them.

All sex scenes in this story involve people 18 yo or older.

Family Secrets September 2006 *MONDAY* He'd been only twelve when she'd won her first gold medal in Sydney.

I had always liked little Donny and his sister Gail. This boy who could blush so easily while turning teenage girls knees to jelly? "I'm going out now to see what work I have to get done. Lucky little girl I thought, a wave of nostalgia for my teenage years sweeping over me. " I tried to ask nonchalantly ten minutes later as I turned my Audi into the short, tree lined private cul-de-sac that held the Graham and Merrywell houses. I hadn't been back since I'd convinced my mom to rent the house and move to California to live with me and my baseball playing husband four years ago. "I was thinking of mom," I whispered, then wiped the tear from the corner of my eye. Gail and I..we was always nice to us," Donny replied sadly. I'd been watching my first practice from the tower at one end of the pool, just trying to get a first impression of the styles and strengths of the some thirty people doing lap after lap under me.

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" "You weren't famous then," Donny responded with a grin. "Gosh I've got so much I want to do before it arrives." "I'll help," Donny promised. Let me talk to Kim first for a second," he said as he looked back at the cute teen waiting thirty feet away. They were sentinels for the vast orange groves that marched outwards behind them.

As he watched her standing in front of the crowd at the town pool almost exactly six years later he couldn't help but remember the elation that had swept through the town of Orange Beach, Florida that sultry fall day so long ago.