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16-Sep-2017 10:01

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We know that the journey to a successful online business doesn’t just start with a great website – you need to stand out on the search engines too.Our bespoke platform is perfect for e-commerce websites.We are a website design & digital marketing agency based in Colchester, Essex who love creating websites and marketing campaigns that look great and engage customers.The main focus of our work is never to solely produce an attractive web page; we understand how important functionality and delivery of your brand message can be and we don’t get distracted by design for designs sake.At YOP, our expert team of developers design responsive websites that are fast, and mobile friendly.We can make it so that your images shrink to fit a mobile screen, without compromising on the image quality.Plus, our e-commerce sites are developed to be mobile-friendly, without compromising on things like your SEO and image quality.

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Understanding your industry, your business and the competitive environment in which you operate before we start on the creative process is a key part of our working process.We offer estate agents, real estate agents and realtors access to low cost professionally designed property and real estate websites.