Weblogic jms common jmsexception

17-Jun-2017 21:25

Sfsu Trusted Recon Wrapper.process Record(Unknown Source) at recon. For example resource adapters are Create User, Delete User, First Name Updated etc.

Sfsu Trusted Recon Wrapper.process Recon(Unknown Source) at recon. Job Run Shell.run(Job Run Shell.java:202) at org.quartz.simpl. Dispatcher Adapter.convert To JMSException And Throw(Dispatcher Adapter.java:110) at dispatcher.

JMSException: No failover destination while provision or de-provision the user in Oracle Identity Manager in the Clustered environment.

The exception details as follows: Error: identity.exception. User Manager Impl.modify(User Manager Impl.java:943) at identity.

JMSSession.receive Message(JMSSession.java:894) ....

User Manager_nimav7_User Manager Remote Impl.__WL_invoke(Unknown Source) at container.internal.

Session Remote Method Invoker.invoke(Session Remote Method Invoker.java:40) at identity.

User Modify Exception: Uncategorized exception occured during JMS processing; nested exception is common. User Manager EJB.modifyx(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect. Generated Method Accessor2327.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect. Delegating Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Delegating Method Accessor Impl.java:25) at reflect.

Method.invoke(Method.java:597) at core.repackaged.support. Aop Utils.invoke Joinpoint Using Reflection(Aop Utils.java:310) at core.repackaged.framework.

WLProducer Impl.send(WLProducer Impl.java:1001) at sun.reflect. Generated Method Accessor654.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect. Delegating Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Delegating Method Accessor Impl.java:25) at reflect. Consumer Producer Invocation Handler.invoke(Consumer Producer Invocation Handler.java:30) at $Proxy193.send(Unknown Source) at Jms Message Dispatcher.dispatch Message(Jms Message Dispatcher.java:234) at

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